Week 2 Summary


Week 2-We. Are. Beat.

Day 1

Back at CC for Week 2, I promptly dropped the ball when I forgot to prepare Tristan for his presentation  on a week during which the kids were getting up to show and tell their favorite things. I was whispering desperately “I FORGOT!!!” to the tutor while he was bounding to the front of the class; fortunately for me, Tristan inherited his father’s ease in front of people (Tristan has many anxieties, but the fear of humans is not one them) so without missing a beat he proudly began to tell the class about his new shoes. Crisis. Averted.

We ate lunch on campus and I worked hard on the way home to keep Julian awake so we could get some school work done back at the house. Loquito cooperated and Tristan and I did a full A Beka lesson (following a small nap for yours truly).

Following up our “8 Parts of Speech” was a week focussing on “pronouns.” While Tristan and Michael enjoyed their weekly Man’s Night During Which They Do Terribly Masculine Things, Ella and JuJu and I made a Half Price Books run. A lovely bookseller girl visited several areas of the children’s section with us before stalking down Brian P. Cleary’s stash. They had exactly what I was looking for. We came home with “Dearly, Nearly, Insincerely: What Is an Adverb;” “Under, Over, By the Clover: What Is a Preposition;” and THE book…”I and You and Don’t Forget Who: What Is a Preposition.” I officially have picture books starring cats representing 6 of the “8 Parts of Speech,” and I can’t lie, I’m a little giddy.

Day 2

Half Day 2 is more appropriate. We squeezed a second cousin day into our week due to Mom Stress so we had a few half days and I’m SORRY NOT SORRY (also, socialization. *mic drop*). We worked through our CC memorization and read our new Pronouns book. We are reading the History Cards but I’m finding that at this age I’m most interested in just reading them to the kiddos and not about digging too much deeper. I’d like to do some extra reading in conjunction with the cards but right now I want to focus more on memorizing information that is relevant to their grammar, science, and math.

Day 3

…Half Day 3, things were crazy, and Tristan and I did his A Beka work in the evening after Julian and Ella were in bed. He was so sleepy but so calm and we spent a lot more time on the material than I expected he would go for. He wanted to read his new books so we snuggled down with some hot tea and further Brian P. Cleary.

Day 4…

…didn’t happen. BUT we did find out that Mommy is far sighted, needs glasses, and also needs more wine and yoga in her life so now that all those prescriptions are out of the way we can get back to the real work. And we did remember to review his Bible verse for Week 3’s presentation so I’m putting Day 4 in the win column.


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