French Roast and Antihistimines


I am enjoying the cocktail of ragweed sufferers in my library while the small two children rocket around the house with K’Nex creations their big brother made them-and big brother takes apart his own K’Nex race car so he can rebuild it, new and improved, for the second time this morning.

The coffee is strong, and whatever that little packet I took from the medicine cabinet contained is stronger.

I asked my husband last night if this is the most tired he has ever been in his life, and he said yes. So I don’t have cancer, I ask, and he says probably not. The kids are small, we’re both still working, and homeschooling on top of everything. “We’re in the shit now.” he grins at me, and as usual, his perspective is my favorite.

I am only one week into our “No Really, I am Educating Young Minds Over Here” school schedule, and I have already had to turn down a slew of coffees, a whisky or two, and-my favorites-play dates with other moms and my kiddos (and more coffee). Most of my free time before last week came in the mornings…mornings which have now been reworked so my oldest son can learn to read. Before 2pm I am teaching now. After 2pm I am cleaning or cooking or hiding outside on my front steps being eaten alive by mosquitos (because at least the mosquitos are quiet). I have a few weekly dates left standing after I overhauled my semi-stay-at-home-mom schedule to include 1st grade curriculum and a Classical Conversations schedule, but because of my inherent introversion, right now the thought of adding anything else to my life is beyond overwhelming.

I’ve always heard that homeschool moms have trouble with people stalking them for babysitting favors because they assume since they’re home anyway they must have nothing but free time. Because I’m kind of picky about who I talk to at all-I am blessed to know a lot of amazing people whom I truly love and who are really just trying to hang out with me. As much as I would love to say YES…my current priority is giving Tristan everything he needs to be able to grow up and choose if he’d rather be an engineer or the best possible educated rodeo clown.

Basically, the answer is probably not this week. Next week maybe. Or in the spring. Maybe when Julian goes off to military school in pre-K.

Tristan built me a Lego oasis in the midst of chaos.

One thought on “French Roast and Antihistimines

  1. I love you. You’re doing great things. And you’re a super mommy. Hang in there! I believe every homeschooling curriculum ought to include a dedicated nap class. πŸ˜‰ πŸ’—πŸ’—


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