Sweet and Simple (Just Like I Take My Coffee)


Good morning from my collection of Wild Things!

We are on Day 3 of homeschooling through the 2016/2017 school year. Tristan is in 1st grade, Ella is in pre-school, and Julian is usually in trouble but he is slowly welcoming the idea that for chunks of the day he has to amuse himself quietly (albeit still destructively most of the time).

This year Michael and I enrolled the kiddos in a homeschool community called Classical Conversations. We are combining this with the ABeka curriculum for math and language arts for Tristan and books and little flashcards for Ella. For JuJu the end goal is to read to him more and chase him down the sidewalk in front of my house less.

Most of you know I love to write. This blog is going to be less focused on my creative genius and more focused on leaving a record of this year to help me and my fellow homeschool moms in the trenches as I continue the journey of education blah blah basically please know I am too tired to be very creative (like I get I should not use creative twice in one paragraph or now three times but who is too lazy to find a synonym? This girl) so this blog is going to be pretty bare bones.

I have to say thank you up front to my homeschool team: My husband, for working his butt off to give me the opportunity to stay home with our kids; my cousin, who is my homeschool group, my coffee date, and my park days all wrapped up in one insanity inducing/preventing “cousin day;” and my Andi, who…well, dragged me into this with her freakish combo of optimism and rabid determination, and has given me pretty much my entire homeschooling philosophy + my motivation + Classical Conversations when I was losing hope + talked me off that big yellow school bus countless times.

Thanks Mom for doing this in the 90’s before YouTube and Facebook homeschool Mom groups were a thing…and without a Michael, a Cousin, an Andi Kay, and a taste for coffee.

How. Did. You. Make. It.




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