Friday Meals In Review

Aaaaand this is happening because a giant part of the every Mom dilemma is HOW DO YOU FEED ALL THESE PEOPLE?!?!?

Monday: Slowcooker Mexican Pulled Chicken Over Rice

(I make this sans beans…hubs has his in a burrito with cheese, kids eat theirs with cheese on top and tortilla  on the side, I have mine in a bowl w. cheese and sour cream)

Tuesday: Boursin Chicken Pasta

(this is basically what I do except for the sauce I just stir the package or 2 of Boursin cheese and the parm straight into the broccoli pasta and chicken combo w. a cup of chicken broth. My crew does not like heavy creams!)

Wednesday: Leftovers

(see above)

Thursday: Slowcooker Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

(I chop red onions and celery into the slow cooker. Served with a side of potato chips and the kids get chicken nuggets)

Friday: Tacos and Guac

(use your imaginations


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